Why we do what we do

As a routine part of their duty, service members and their families must often relocate across the country to a place they’ve never been and know nothing about- and they often have just a few weeks to do it. Today, active duty US service members relocate 10 times more often than civilians yet seemingly possess a fraction of the tools and resources to do so.

It’s time for that to change.

We do what we do because we believe that those serving our country deserve a smooth relocation process from start to finish. We’ve been there ourselves and we know what it’s like to be completely on your own in a new place. There is no central one-stop-shop, no destination, and no community for military service members to connect with each other.

Until now.

In designing a military relocation platform, we knew that Relobase could only make a difference if it empowered the tight-knit nature of the military community to help each other out. Knowing that, we designed Relobase to be so much more than just an app for military relocation- it's a tight-knit community, a bottomless well of information sharing, and a massive amount of custom content designed specifically for the military community. With our dedicated force of military spouse, veteran, and pro-military Relobase-affiliated agents, Relobase is here to help service members nationwide make their new base their home base.

With a lot of sweat and a little luck, we can make every service members’ lives just a little bit easier. That’s why we are here. That’s what we’re fighting for.


We're a small group of ladies and gents who have come together to create Relobase while not taking ourselves too

Captain Jack Somers

Jack is a free spirited, happy-go-lucky and often very intense person. In his free time, he enjoy playing a competitive game of ghost-in-the-graveyard, hanging out with friends and family, cooking with gas, Sunday funday, thrift store shopping, and relaxing at the beach. Midwest born and reaised, Jack joined the Marines in 2006 and participated in several veteran sponsored programs such as Enterpreneurship Boot Camp for Veterans (UCLA), Patriot Boot Camp Tech Starts and Stanford Ignite - Post 9/11 veterans, since his separation from the Marines in 2012.

Fun fact - Jack appeared in Captain American II - Winter Soldier (SWAT member), the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (One of Shredder's foot-soldiers), and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (a prison inmate) since his separation from the Marines. Seriously...

Aaron Walker, Ph.D.

Aaron is a Relobase cofounder and our resident nerd. He spends his days obsessing over data, code, and keeping the bad guys out. His father and grandfather were both West Pointers and his other grandfather retired as a Capt. in the Navy. Aaron broke ranks with family tradition and got a Ph. D. in Linguistics and has spent the first part of his career teaching Research Methods at USC and directing the McNair Scholars program.

He and Jack met randomly at Stanford while he was teaching at a program there one Summer... Aaron was out of beer and saw some folks having a bbq so he thought he'd give it a gander. It turns out it was an impromptu party at a startup accelerator for veterans; Jack and Aaron got to talking and Relobase was born.

He spends what little free time he has traveling and hanging out with his wife and daughters. An avid poker player, he was crushed when online poker got banned in the US... His wife was not.

Jeanne Kayne

Originally from the East coast, Jeanne made the move to beautiful San Diego a few years ago to live on the "Left" coast. Her passion for helping clients achieve their real estate dreams has allowed her to work with a very diverse clientele. Jeanne has helped military service members buy and sell homes on both coasts - so the next logical step was to assist them nationwide.

Taking in all that San Diego has to offer, you will often find jeanne and her dog, Sophie walking the beach or exploring the many beachside communities. Jeanne's other passion is world travel and exploring new cultures. Although well travelled, she continues to add new destinations to her list.

Meeting new people, taking in a good Indie flick, enjoying good wine & food and finding time to balance all of life's opportunities is how Jeanne enjoys life outside of real estate.

Dee Maurer

Dee has been with Relobase since the beginning and is passionate about making life better for military families. With a varied background in writing, editing, and non-profit management, Dee brings a unique perspective to sharing our vision and mission.

When she's not busy encouraging her son Charlie to climb trees and play in the mud, our hard-charging editor is either at the stove creating a new recipe or out in her garage gym. putting the hurt on the heavy bag.

Both DC area natives, Dee and her husband Gerard love the cultural opportunities in San Diego and enjoy attending plays and stand-up comedy shows.

Kyle Wilson

A 4th quarter pick-up in 2015, Kyle is our in-house marketing lead and whiskey-lover. Kyle brings 10 years of brand management in higher education, healthcare, software, and vacation rentals. His passion for "creating marketing people actually like" (his words) made him an ideal fit for our no-nonsense culture. When it's time to get sh*t done, Kyle swears by his standing desk, Grado headphones and an "occasional" whiskey (also his word).

When he's not living and breathing all that, he enjoys taking in the sights and sounds of Chicago with his longtime love and best friend, Peggy.

Think you got what it takes to be a Relobase agent?