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Save money with crash space

Rent crash space from local service members and vets.
Arrive saving money and avoiding isolation in a hotel.

Save time with peer insights

Get a leg up with insights, recommendations, and tips from
peers and military spouses who've been in your shoes

Your family: moving day

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Use the peer-to-peer network

Find a space near your new base

Get a friendly Relobase-affiliated agent

Mostly veterans and milspouses

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Sublet open space in a snap

List it quick and relax while it fills

They sell your home, fast

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Find your ideal place

And roommates, if you want'em

They help you buy smart

They actually care, and they do listen

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Trust peers, not strangers

With Relobase, make your new base your home base.

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The top 4 pain points for military relocation.

Source: Relobase Inc. original research

Hotel Costs 97%

40% Complete (success)

Lack of centralized / Reliable Resources94%

20% Complete

Unknown Destinations87%

60% Complete (warning)

Short Time-Frame85%

80% Complete (danger)

Military Relocation.

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Military relocations are about to get a whole lot easier. The Relobase app is available for Android!

We are looking for Hosts, Agents, Offensive tackles, Brokers, and other positions too

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